Phillipe Dessertine Looks to the Future of Finance

Phillipe Dessertine is a financial expert at the core of a turning point in economic history, including the risk of a crash linked to sub primes in 2007. Dessertine is also the director of the Centre of Studies and Research on the Organizations and Strategy to the University of Paris, West Nanterre.
Not only as Dessertine appeared on several television shows, he has also worked with several Government bodies, meaning that his viewpoints are something to take seriously, especially in the current climate.
Given the current financial climate, it should come as no surprise that experts such as Dessertine have been thrust into the limelight due to their innovative take on the situation.
Many are keen to embrace the advice of experts in the sector, as some Governments attempt to offer a blanket solution for all problems, which often meets significant markers when it comes to businesses and the way they should act.
Financial experts will give more impartial advice that is not given to gain followers or win elections, rather prepare businesses for the world of tomorrow.
A Return to the Gross Domestic Product Seen in 2019
Given the seriousness of the pandemic, it would be easy to assume that GDP would dip, and at the start it did. However, Dessertine points out that although there was a decrease, this was only -10% when compared to the estimated -14%.
Dessertine has attributed the increase of the GDP to new ways of operating, and estimates that the GDP should return to the levels seen in 2019
New Ways of Working Pave the Way for a Successful Future
Dessertine points out that although there is support in place for businesses, the amounts in place should be used to support businesses rather than attempt to relaunch.
Phillipe Dessertine has always looked at situations from several vantage points, and although the prospect of a budget for recovery is welcomed, it would need to be increased dramatically for it to have the desired effect.
Increasing the amount offered for support also raises another problem, in that it causes more debt, so finding the right balance is essential when moving forward in the world of tomorrow.
The positivity shown regarding increased GDP does show that despite the pandemic, there is no requirement for the economy to be shut down
Dessertine reinforces the importance of finding new ways of working. While the frustration surrounding this is understandable, companies that cannot adapt to the changes taking place in the world could find themselves falling behind.
Positivity Needs to be Embraced
Given the impact that COVID-19 has had on many industries, it can be difficult to look on the bright side. However, positivity must be a core component in ensuring that testing times do not halter globalisation.
As well as ensuring that changes are enacted, it is also important to have confidence in these changes, otherwise they could fail to have the desired effect.
It would be easy to assume that the biggest recession witnessed in history was due to the onset of COVID-19, but it was due to the actions taken following the announcement of the virus. Taking time to understand the world of today and the changes that need to be made ensure businesses are primed for success.
It is understandable that some feel that COVID-19 has presented many problems but adding a positive spin with the solutions set out can mean a business becomes more pro-active and innovative, making a business stronger in the long-term.

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